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-NAYA- Hoops
-NAYA- Hoops
-NAYA- Hoops
-NAYA- Hoops

Sattva Jewelry

-NAYA- Hoops

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-NAYA- Hoops are made with 14KT GF and Sterling (.925) Silver tubing. Available in 4 sizes and optional 'Add On' charms. 

  • XS- 13mm
  • S - 19mm
  • M- 28mm
  • L- 42mm


We use only carefully chosen, quality metals and authentic gemstones to create Sattva Jewelry. To keep your pieces looking beautiful we recommend gently cleaning and polishing with Sunshine Polishing Cloths (what we use) regularly.

  • Silver - Argentium Sterling is a bit purer than traditional Sterling and less prone to tarnish - both can be cleaned/ polished with a polishing cloth. 
  • 14KT Gold Fill - requires little care but to restore its vibrancy, clean with a jewelry polishing cloth. 
  • Copper - will oxidize quickly when exposed to the air. To keep it looking fabulous, store unworn copper jewelry in an airtight bag. To polish, use a polishing cloth, copper cleanser or an acidic solution such as lemon juice.
  • Gemstones - To get the most from our beautiful gemstones cleanse frequently with clean water and place in the sun or under a full moon to 're-charge'.