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French Ribbed Caramel Scrunchie
French Ribbed Caramel Scrunchie

Chelsea King

French Ribbed Caramel Scrunchie

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Our French Ribbed Collection is an effortless look inspired by minimalist style. Sometimes, less is more. We have curated a selection of basic colours that will never go out of style.

Not all ribbed materials are created equal. This ribbed fabric is made from modal and spandex; it is the perfect weight, texture and softness.

 CK Thins have the same great hold, just with less fabric.  In order of size from Largest to smallest:  Classic, Petite, then CK Thins


  • ENCEL™ Modal.  Following an environmentally friendly pulp-to-fiber process, Tencel™ Modal converts beech wood to fiber. Twice as soft as cotton, this natural fiber is biodegradable and easily reverts back to nature. Look for it in our French Ribbed Collection.


  • If your hair tie or scrunchie is really dirty, we recommend hand washing in cold to lukewarm water with a little shampoo or gentle detergent.  Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry.  If you must put it in the washing machine, we recommend putting it in a delicates bag, and washing on a delicate cycle with like colours.  Lay flat to dry.
  • Note: All fabrics react differently to wear and washing.  Both may result in some colour fading over time.